A downloadable game for Windows

Hi! It's Stephen here, the game's creator. This is my game for Kenney's Game Jam. The game is about to collect candies and avoid dying.


  • Move: Arrows
  • Jump: Space
  • Shoot: Alt Gr
  • Skip dialogs: Enter

Graphics: Kenney.

Programming: Stephen Miller

Music and Sound: OpenGameArt.org, Kenney, Trevynstegall, Bag Raiders.

Game Engine: GameMaker:Studio Pro

Install instructions

Download the exe and run it. If you got any warnings, just ignore it, or block your anti-virus while you playing the game. 


QandyCuest.exe 9 MB


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Love it! The death effect was timed very well, 5-6 loops in and it still catches me off guard, and leaves me laughing. The volume has been mastered correctly, the levels feel challenging, and the puzzling aspects are very well balanced.

Very good stuff :D


Thank you for the positive feedback! :D

Great job!  I love the "you died" effect.

Thank you! :)